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Category: Affordable/Rooming Houses

Part of my personal goal is to see more done in the affordable housing, rooming houses and homeless space, particularly in the inner city areas. I have written for some time my concerns that all the moves by state, federal and local governments, as well as other government arms like APRA and FIRB, have done nothing towards promoting affordable housing. In fact, in most instances it has been at the detriment to those struggling to find suitable accommodation.

This page is dedicated to shedding light on the plight of those at risk of, or living the life of, being without shelter or a home to call their own. This is a social responsibility issue and I want to partner with not for profit organisations, builders and developers, finance institutions and governments at all levels to working towards a common solution. If you want to be part of the solution please feel free to contact me direct and we can discuss further.

My Interview With Your Investment Property Magazine

Click here for full interview and transcript. More investors are becoming aware of the great investment opportunities offered in property, but there is an area that remains largely overlooked that can deliver impressive returns to investors. Defined as a boarding house, guest house, hostel, or the like by the Australian…

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New Look Rooming Houses- And Yes, They Will Work


The old school Rooming House has had a facelift, and it’s looking good!

When 70-year-old Colin Atkinson started looking for a new place to live last year, he was not expecting to end up in a rooming house.

In fact, he didn’t know his newly built studio apartment in Frankston was registered as a rooming house until this week.

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Now You Can Make A Difference, And A Profit!

We specialise in creating New Generation Rooming Houses that aren’t just functional and built for purpose, they are stunning! As the affordable housing and solving the homeless issues rage at every level of government and media, our clients are out there actually doing something about it. Having looked at the…

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