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Build Your Own Tiny House!


Big dreams of living small in Sydney? Learn how to construct a tiny house

A community organisation in Marrickville is helping Sydneysiders take their small living dreams closer to reality, with their Tiny House Building Course open for enrolments.

The Build a Recycled Tiny House course is run by the Bower Reuse & Repair Centre, and administered by Sydney Community College. It’s the second course run by the not-for-profit centre after a successful debut earlier this year in May.

Participants work together to build a tiny house from the ground up over six days using reclaimed and recycled materials with the exception of the trailer that it sits on.

Floors, walls, doors, windows, insulation and roof construction are all covered, with the interior fit-out and further customisation left up the eventual owners.

Bower general manager Guido Verbist said there had been a lot of interest in the course, which accommodates fifteen to eighteen students.

He said that many from the May workshop stayed in the space to continue to work on the house, and have since become involved in each other’s tiny home projects.

Mr Verbist explained that the full process of building a tiny house, from beginning to the end fitout, took about a month.

“We do the prep, and there’s the finishing touch afterwards. What we are hoping for is that we will be inspiring people to start the process themselves”, he said.

He thought The Bower’s role in the Tiny house story was “to demonstrate what we can do with reclaimed building materials”.

The home will be built from items donated to the organisation, which has a partnership with 21 local councils as part of their collection and rehoming service.

“All the residents are encouraged to contact us when they have goods they don’t need any more,” Mr Verbist explained. “Building materials are one of the things we collect.”

The workshop is led by James Galletly — known as the Upcyclist – who has been the driving force behind Tiny Homes at The Bower.

Both tiny houses built this year will be up for auction at the organisation’s annual fundraising event on November 10.

There will be an information night for the course held on Monday, with a deposit required to secure a place.

The small home movement has attracted attention over the last few years, and other tiny house courses and further information can be found via the Australian Tiny House Association.

Earlier in the month, a collection of different tiny home designs were on display as part of the Melbourne Home Show, including one designed by Grand Designs Australia host Peter Maddison.

And, back in April, the NSW Land and Environment Court ruled in favour of a family in Currans Hill in south-west Sydney, who had installed a tiny house structure in their backyard in October last year, something that Camden council regarded as an “unauthorised development”.