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Add This “Secret Sauce” To Your Portfolio

The Real Estate Secret No One Has Told You About

What if I could show you a way to make the most of the current market uncertainty? Read on!

So we have all been reading about the doom and gloom that currently surrounds the property market, and some of it may even be justified. But when reading the propaganda its important, no VITAL, to remember these comments speak to the market as a whole, it speaks to MEDIAN numbers, and that the negative will resonate with the masses, and those who look beyond the headlines will find real opportunity.

I was writing 2 years ago that the way the government was interfering with our free market would have a negative overall impact on the property market. Unfortunately it has come to be so.

They have forced out many aspirational mum and dad investors by pulling levers that have impacted lending meaning getting finance has proven near impossible. They killed the Golden Goose by smashing international investment with unprecedented taxes, and no doubt stamp duty changes would have had significant impact. If we add Labors changes to CGT it may seem impossible to even consider property as a viable investment option.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is vacancy rates are at an all time low and with less investors entering the market this will only get worse, pushing rents higher. The truth is our population continues to rise at rates never before seen. Money, if you can qualify for it, has never been cheaper. Most importantly, Melbourne still has 3 major growth zones to invest in, the Northern Growth Corridor, the Outer South East, and my favourite the Western Growth Corridor.

There are suburbs within these growth areas have still seen >10% price increases over the past 12 months despite all the hysteria around the bursting of the bubble.

Sourced from NAB report. Dark areas showing high growth zones and these continue to outstrip all other areas.

So now we know it’s still “safe” to invest, as long as you know where to look. But here is the secret sauce to ensure you maximise those investment gains in the short term.

Land nomination, the secret sauce!

Due to the changes in lending criteria there are hundreds, possibly thousands of buyers who are now in the position where they have put down deposits on land anywhere between 12 – 24 months ago and can no longer settle. This spells opportunity for those in the position to access funds.

These lots can be secured by Nomination for up to $65,000 below current developer stock in the same estate, the same size, and similar outlook. It spells Win/Win for you and the original purchaser as you pick up a lot at 2017 prices without the holding costs and they avoid losing their deposit.

Remember Warren Buffets famous quote, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful”, this will fare you well in the current environment.

So thats the secret that many are unaware of, now what will you do with that information? Check out how I can help you realise your property dreams here.