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Now You Can Make A Difference, And A Profit!

We specialise in creating New Generation Rooming Houses that aren’t just functional and built for purpose, they are stunning!

As the affordable housing and solving the homeless issues rage at every level of government and media, our clients are out there actually doing something about it. Having looked at the old rooming house model and the current regulations the decision was made to drag the model into the 21st century. The design team went to work to produce an asset that provides a home to be proud of at an affordable rate for the tenants but also allows the owner with a positive cash flow asset that will allow them to replicate this many times over.

You work with the design team to get the external look you want

With 9 livable rooms, a common room in the form of a kitchen and a communal laundry and all housed within one dwelling on a residential block. Each room is as good as self contained with its own ensuite, kitchenette and normally an outdoor living space in the form of a courtyard downstairs and balcony for the upstairs rooms. Each room comes with its own hot water service, own heating/cooling unit and independently metered power and most designs will provide each room with its own external entry point rather than internal corridors. Typically coming in at 28m2 they are a good 3 times the average room in your old style rooming house room allowing the tenants to truly feel independent.

Typical internal

If you are a philanthropist fantastic, this project is quick (6 mth build), easy (no town planning required), and quick to fill. I have shown these plans to Salvation Army 614, Launch Housing and Community Housing Australia and they could fill a thousand of these! These tenants come with up to $180 per week government guaranteed housing allowance so you will still be deriving an income which can then go back into other philanthropic projects.

If you are just looking for an investment, you can’t lose with one of these. Gross yields will run between 8-9%  with up to 20%+ ROI based on a 30% investment. AND these will still fall into the affordable housing bucket if rents stay under $313 per week per room. So you can do good and make money, Win/Win!

That seaside or leafy suburb feel?

These properties will fit into any streetscape and make any landlord proud to own and tenants proud to call home.

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